My philosophy

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  • Most attorneys who deal with product liability law are litigators. They wait to be called after a company is sued, or they are looking for injured plaintiffs to file law suits against manufacturers. They know that manuals are easy to attack because they are often just an afterthought, something that nobody wants to spend money on. 
  • Sometimes attorneys are called upon to review manuals beforehand. While this is a step in the right direction, most attorneys are, by nature, risk adverse when they advise clients. They want all kinds of warnings in the manuals without actually knowing how manuals are to be constructed, how warnings should be designed pursuant to ANSI Z535.6-2011 and how to correctly select the signal words. 
  • Therefore there is not that much value in having your manual reviewed by yor corporate counsel or a litigator, whose expertise is discovery, depositions, motions, trial advocacy and the like but not manuals, waqrnings and ANSI Z535.6-2011.   
  • Only someone who works with manuals every day, who teaches technical writers how to improve what they do, who actually understands ANSI Z535.6-2011, and whose sole focus is to help his customers to reduce their risk of being sued because of a lousy manual, failure to warn or wrong warnings and instructions, will provide value before the fact. Before something has happened and the law suit is served. Most attorneys earn their money dealing with law suits.  
  • I, by contrast, make a living teaching technical writers, managers and senior management what they have to do to have better manuals so that the law suit never comes.